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Blumental Beer

Bolivia's newest craft beer brand Blumental was in need of a redesign and a website.

My role:

  • Prototyping

  • UI design

  • User experience

  • Brand design

  • Visual design

For the first step of this project, I focused on the logo. Having done an extensive research on Bolivian traditional design and taking into consideration the ingredients of the beer, quinoa and amaranto, I came up with some initial sketches.

Having the logo and the typography, I decided to apply the same concept for the 3 beer flavours the brand offers, Quinoa Gold, Amaranto and Andean Black. For this, I started playing around with color palettes.

After this, it was time to move on to the web design. I started with mobile first. The website was composed of 5 sections: Home, History, Products, Mission/Vision and Contact. With these in mind I began the process of wireframing with sketches of several of the main screens.

After several feedback loops I landed with a pretty simple menu which allowed to easily access all the site sections.

After the mobile site was finished I moved on to the desktop site. Applying the same process, wireframing the sketches, having several iterations and feedback loops.

The challenge:

Coming up with a new logo and corporate identity that is vibrant, young yet traditional and that represents the Bolivian culture in a modern way.

After several iterations and feedback loops,
I came up with a logo inspired in the Bolivian aguayo, which is a traditional woven blanket. As a next step I focused on the typography. Since the brand wanted to have a more personal touch, the logo's typo is handwritten.

During this process, I thought about how the layout and content could be structured to satisfy user and business goals in a technically feasible way. The sketch I chose served as a guide for my digital wireframes.

After building all the pages, I applied the colors and visual identity.

To finalize the project, the bottle was redesign and the new visual identity applied accordingly.

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